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Impact Editor of the Month (November 2022)🎉

Meet Isabela Souza – our editor of the month for November! Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Isabela studied master’s in Environment and Development in London. She now lives in the UK. Regarding her professional life, Isabela started her first job as an engineer in an oil company. But as a person who grew up surrounded…

Impact Editor of the Month (October 2022)🎉

Congratulations to our editor of the month Flavio Carlini! We are so impressed by your newly edited video for Carers Worldwide! Flavio is from Rome, a city with a long history and all kinds of stories. Therefore, it seems natural that Flavio describes himself as ‘all about storytelling’! 12 years ago, he decided to become…

Impact Editor of the Month (September 2022)🎉

Congratulations Carl! Our Impact Editor of the month is Carl Noble, who completed a challenging project for Marlow Refugee Action in August. Carl was tasked with redesigning the Marlow website to make it look more modern and user-friendly. Our Impact Editors Jaz & Ellie had earlier put together a vision for the website, which was…

Summer Showcase – Meet the Operations Team!

Summer is nearing its end, and while our team at Editors for Impact has been busy juggling several impactful projects over the last few months, we also found the time to have some fun. This month, we’ll be taking a look at our Operations Team, and what they’ve been up to over the Summer of…


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