Partner Testimonials

Our partners were impressed by how well our impact editors interpret their mission and how well they can translate it into a graphic masterpiece. High impact at no cost, this is the way we work.

Nav Sawhney | Founder of the Washing Machine Project

“They’ve been amazing at recreating our vision and telling our story for our social media campaign. We use this in all of our campaigns going forward, and to introduce people to our organization. You may not have the budget and so Editors for Impact is a great organization where you can match your storytelling with people who want to make a difference to really positively impact the world and our surroundings. I just commend Editors for Impact on all the great work they are doing, and I am cheering them on.”

Alejandro Pizzaro | Director and Research & Communications at EcoSwell

“The beginning of the sanitary crisis seemed to be a showstopper for EcoSwell, a for-impact not for profit that relies on the volunteer internship programme to develop sustainability projects. The absolute halt of tourism required us to offer our volunteer programme online. Editors for Impact, brought our marketing strategy to life completely free of charge, allowing us to survive and continue delivering our sustainability initiatives. Editors for Impact helps social impact organizations overpass the financial requirements required to market and test new products.”

Sanju Pal | Founder and Trustee at Rise

“We’re so grateful to Editors for Impact for supporting rise through the pandemic. They created 5 videos to describe our journey through the pandemic and how we have been supporting students which has made such a big impact on donations and engaging our supporters during this crucial time. Organizations such as Editors for Impact are so important to help small charities like rise to get their media together and convey their message, we’re so grateful!”

Chris Preuss | Chairman at Lotus Project

“Editors for Impact has helped Lotus Project to explain what we do in a simple and elegant way. Editors for Impact is important because they support NGOs in achieving their mission by visualising their impact projects and solution approaches. This allows us to focus on our core activities.”

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