Volunteers’ Stories: Candace Law

April 2023 marks the start of Candace’s third year of volunteering with the management team of E4I! Candace has been the Managing Director of E4I since June 2022. Read on to hear about how E4I played a role in her personal and career growth:

“2 years ago, when I first joined E4I as an Impact Editor, little did I realize how much of an impact E4I would make on my personal and career journey.

My journey here began when I signed up to be a video editor in E4I’s network during the Covid-19 lockdown, hoping to pick up my long-lost video-editing hobby and to stay connected with the UK community whilst I was studying remotely in my hometown, Hong Kong. After completing my first video-editing project at E4I, the opportunity to join the management team came and I immediately applied, hoping to play a bigger role in furthering E4I’s mission of widening access to content creation for small charities.

Since then, I began volunteering with the Operations team at E4I and gradually accumulated more experience in other aspects of E4I, including Recruitment, Partnerships, and Marketing, and am now volunteering as Managing Director. The most fruitful part of volunteering with E4I is the autonomy I am given to suggest and implement new initiatives to improve E4I’s workflow and maximize our impact, for example, our monthly newsletter, which has been running since July 2021, was an idea that I suggested and implemented when I was Operations Executive. Nowadays, I am working with the team on leveraging different social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Facebook, to expand our services (Do follow us on these platforms if you haven’t already!). E4I provides a safe space for me to test and grow my creativity, leadership and problem-solving skills, which gives me confidence in my own ability whilst I navigate and develop my own career in the business world.

Managing E4I certainly does not come without challenges. As a small charity, we are undoubtedly faced with resource constraints, but I am thankful to have met great teammates and friends in this journey. One-third of the current E4I management team has volunteered here for over a year, and we have been welcoming more volunteers who are full of dedication and creativity into our team. I am hopeful that E4I’s volunteer network will continue to grow and that we will continue to exercise our professionalism and empathy in serving more small charities!”

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