Recent Partner Projects

Videos & graphics design

Performance Plus create opportunities for young sportspeople who wouldn’t have a chance otherwise. Our editor Josselyn Chau designed a pitch deck for their fundraising activities to forward their mission.

The Washing Machine Project alleviates the burden of hand-washing clothes for women living among the worlds poor. They are creating affordable off-grid washing solutions. Our editor Guilherme Favaretto has produced a mission statement video.

The Energy Talk is facilitating the discussion on stories and innovation in the energy industry in a race to meet out Climate goals. Our Impact Editor Candace Law has been leading the editing of their new show “My Energy Story”.

The Lotus Project is deploying off-grid renewable energy in rural Vietnam to secure a climate-resilient and poverty-free future. Our editors Toby Fitzpatrick and Nikolaj Tranholm-Mikkelsen produced a video to reflect their mission and vision.

RISE is delivering literacy education in West Bengal, India to help children most likely to drop out of school. However, the pandemic has put their school under challenges. Our editor Tajona Karhu has been helping RISE to showcase the importance of their impact.

Project Access has been developing its Access Academy – a resource base for outreach & inspiration for students from disadvantaged backgrounds applying to university. We produced motion graphics and edits for their Applying to University series.

EcoSwell’s projects in Peru experienced significant disruptions during COVID19. They initiated their Online Volunteering Program to allow their work to continue making an impact. Together, we created their testimonial video.

Degrees of Change is inspiring people in India and the world to think holistically about systemic action on climate change. We collaborated closely with them to produce a video submission for a Sustainability Award.

Raah Foundation is taking a multidiscplinary approach to development in Indian communities. We produced a video to portray the impact of their water projects on the tribal communities in Maharashtra.

Before Editors for Impact, the original team and founders were part of Engineers Without Borders-UCL, a society focussed on sustainable international development. We designed multiple logos, promotional material and videos to represent the society. Our society went on to secure multiple university and nationwide awards.

More Sample Work & Designs

Videos, voiceovers, banners, posters, and logos
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