Editor Testimonials

We have a diverse range of editors in our volunteers’ network. We are always grateful for not only their expertise in editing, but also for their continuous dedication to editing for a good cause.

Matt Wheeler | Impact Editor

MATT WHEELER, Impact Editor since February 2021

“Prior to becoming a Video Editor, I worked in Human Resources for many years across a variety of sectors. Like many others, my work circumstances changed during the pandemic as my HR contract drew to an end. As this chapter in my career was drawing to a close, a new and very different one was about to begin. I had a Zoom meeting which, at the time, I didn’t realise would set me on a brand-new path. I met with Connor Boals, formerly of Great Big Story, who watched some of my early, very amateurish edits. The advice and feedback was invaluable. Connor saw my passion and promise which gave me the self-belief that Video Editing was something attainable and an area in which I could flourish creatively.

With this, I decided to fully embrace something new and made the bold leap into Video Editing. It wasn’t long into my career change when I discovered Editors for Impact (E4I). E4I was integral to my early development as an Editor. It gave me the platform to conceptualise narratives for a variety of charities whilst raising awareness to some fantastic causes which really do have a positive ‘Impact’ on people’s lives. Using my skillset for the betterment of society, and causes close to my heart, is something I am extremely proud of. My content created for charity partners was recognised by E4I when they had selected me to be their inaugural ‘Editor of the Month’.

Now, two years on from joining the Editors for Impact network, I work as a Junior Video Editor at Thames Fremantle with a great team. Here I have been working to create digital and original content for Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor. My most successful edit being the content created about the formation of One Direction and the band members “Unseen” auditions which were reported on by many global media outlets.

I can honestly say, if I hadn’t had the opportunity to hone my craft with Editors for Impact, and further increased my self-belief, then I may not be where I am today. I highly recommend to any budding video editors to get involved with this great organisation!”

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