Become an Impact Editor

Who are we looking for?

We welcome people from all creative aspects across all skill levels with potential talent in creativity. The most important thing is that you are dedicated to helping an organization fighting for a cause that matters.

Your skills may lie in wherever your imagination takes you.

incl. videography, photography, graphics design, music, animation, web design …

We advocate flexible work with time commitment set on your terms.

Most Impact Editors are students, in full-time employment or freelance work.

What’s in it for you?

You will become part of a worldwide network of Impact Editors, a platform for you to build and service your skills for a cause that matters to you. You will not only have the opportunity to improve your skills, expand your portfolio, and potential access to open-source material, but also to connect with and represent real causes.

When assigned to a project that matches your skills and commitment, as you work, you will simultaneously learn about how global challenges are tackled through the small-scale. Moreover, time commitment expectations are not to fear as you will work on a schedule that works for you and only committing to project assignments when it suits you – We are a zero pressure environment.

Furthermore, as our network and organization grow, we hope to host creative skills workshops and connect editors to learn from each other, nurturing a highly collaborative environment. To join as an Impact Editor, apply using the link below!

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