The Mission

Visuals & narratives are the most powerful forms of communication.

The Power of Media

Storytelling videos, pristine photographs, and eye-catching graphics dramatically enhance an organisation’s values and impact on public perception. For charitable organisations, this is pivotal to forging meaningful partnerships and securing essential funding. A visual narrative put together in just the right way will capture the real value and impact of an organisation’s work, sticking the emotional landing and securing their external goals.

Editors for Impact relieves the burdens of time and financial resources required to produce high-quality video and graphics-based content, allowing small charities to dedicate these resources to what really matters – their impact. In parallel, our highly-skilled Impact Editors enable small-charity Partners to access high-skill video and graphics-based content

The Challenges

  • 85% of small charities indicate that access to money for content creation is a challenge, with 80% of our respondents spending less than £1,000 of marketing activities per year.
  • 77% of small charities express the significant amount of time required for content creation (+3 weeks for videos), with 62% having only 1-3 volunteers helping with content creation.

The Impact-Driven Model

Charitable Organisations can partner with Editors for Impact, accessing a network of volunteer content creators. Our creators – Impact Editors – are volunteers dedicated to producing content for meaningful causes. They may be students or full-time professionals, but talented with creative skills looking to build their portfolio while doing so for a cause that matters to them.

Impact Editors are matched to Charitable Organisations according to requirements. This may be one video editor, or a team of editors consulting and collaborating to produce the best content possible. Editors for Impact takes care of the time, cost and access enabling Charitable Organisations to focus on what really matters, impact to their beneficiaries.

Our work is helping charitable organizations to increase awareness of their cause, public engagement and securing important funding. In parallel our platform helps creators to develop their creative skills while doing so for a cause that matters to them.

Impact | Progress to Date

Estimated Beneficiaries200,500
Impact Editors93
Project Count72
Graphics Content25
Videos Produced77
Total Minutes347
The number of beneficiaries is estimated using the direct annual number of beneficiaries provided by our partners. The direct beneficiaries of our partners can be considered indirect beneficiaries our E4I’s work.

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