Impact Editor of the Month (September 2022)πŸŽ‰

Congratulations Carl!

Our Impact Editor of the month is Carl Noble, who completed a challenging project for Marlow Refugee Action in August. Carl was tasked with redesigning the Marlow website to make it look more modern and user-friendly. Our Impact Editors Jaz & Ellie had earlier put together a vision for the website, which was executed to perfection by Carl. You can see the fruits of his labour at

Carl hails from just outside Liverpool, and is a graduate of the Northern Film School in Leeds. Although currently employed in sales, his long-term goal is to work full-time for a charity. His interest in volunteering was spurred by his passion for veganism and his desire to support charities that alleviate suffering in any form.

His journey with Editors for Impact began in March, when he came across us on Reach Volunteering. He was struck by the E4I concept of assigning editors to different projects based on causes they are passionate about as well as their skillset. He was also fascinated by the idea that with E4I, he could contribute remotely to charities from anywhere in the world.

He has a background in filmmaking and video editing, owing to his previous stint as a freelance videographer for TV. But for this project, it was his skills and experience in web design that he dug into.

He’s elated that he got an opportunity to experience first-hand how volunteering can impact small charities, and how the work of editors can benefit everything from awareness to donations. He also enjoyed the chance to work hand-in-hand with charities to see how they work and how much effort they pour into their causes. 

Carl emphasizes his gratitude to E4I for the work we do, and for helping him take his first steps in volunteering. We at E4I in turn thank Carl for his hard work and dedication.

Now, he is once again channelling his formidable skills to build a website from scratch, so make sure to keep an eye out for his future work!

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