Impact Editor of the Month (November 2022)๐ŸŽ‰

Meet Isabela Souza โ€“ our editor of the month for November!

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Isabela studied master’s in Environment and Development in London. She now lives in the UK. Regarding her professional life, Isabela started her first job as an engineer in an oil company. But as a person who grew up surrounded by nature, she soon realized that what she really wanted to do is to work on environmental issues. After a decade of working in academia, at a consultancy, or at NGOs, Isabela is now an independent consultant on sustainability and international development.

Isabela learned to edit videos during the pandemic and has improved considerably since then. She viewed video editing as a way of traveling and making connections with people abroad since the pandemic restricted international travel in real life. The first project she ever produced is the video series Learning from Women to Reimagine the World in 2020-21. Not only was Isabela able to connect with distant individuals and groups through video editing, her endeavors also allowed her to contribute to the building of an equal and just planet.

Earlier this year, Isabela started volunteering with Editors for Impact. Her first project was ReportOUTโ€™s third-anniversary video. In this skillfully edited video, ReportOUT celebrates its third year of protecting and defending the human rights of sexual and gender minorities around the globe. What Isabela enjoyed the most in working on this video is transforming ideas, images, and footage into a single compelling story, which tells how a group of people are helping the world become a better place.

Editors for Impact is honored to have Isabela as an Impact Editor, through her work we can see clearly her enthusiasm for using her talent to assist others.

Isabela’s very tidy workspace at home

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