Impact Editor of the Month (May 2022)πŸŽ‰

Congratulations to Aliyah Gamiet – May 2022 Editor of the Month!! Aliyah joined Editors for Impact in the final months of 2020. Since, she has designed promotional material for the South West Fest Art Festival and visually impactful informative material for Performance Plus Sport, highlighting their achievements in providing sporting opportunities to young people from underprivileged backgrounds. She is now excited to soon be working on a project with Huracan Foundation, a charity that encourages the educational success of children through football. We can’t wait to work with Aliyah on future projects and want to share more about her journey with E4I in this article.

Aliyah was born and raised in the UK. She has just completed her final exams as a BA Philosophy and Economics student at UCL. She is hoping to pursue a career in tech, with a particular interest in UX/UI design. Aliyah loves volunteering, and so she thought that joining Editors for Impact would be the perfect place for her to practise a new skill while supporting meaningful causes. She had never done skills-based volunteering before, but she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Her main skill is Graphic Design. Aliyah wanted to pick up a new hobby during the first lockdown and ended up pursuing digital art. She was a little bit nervous at first to work on projects without any senior designer to work under, but thankfully it all worked out, and she learned a lot!

When working on a project, she aims to provide the best value she possibly can. Knowing that she is working with organisations that work so hard to provide meaningful opportunities for others makes Aliyah want to ensure that she matches their incredible effort levels.

Aliyah says that the community at Editors for Impact is extremely kind and understanding, and she thoroughly enjoys being a part of it. For her, the most challenging aspect was overcoming the imposter syndrome from not having any professional background as a designer. But the support from the community and participating organisations really helped her focus on the value that she can provide and build upwards from there.

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