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Research | Content Creation Demands

In collaboration with 180 Degrees Consulting-UCL and our Partners we have been conducting on-going research into content creation challenges for small-scale UK charities. Currently:

  • 85% of small charities indicate that access to money for content creation is a challenge, with 80% of our respondents spending less than £1,000 of marketing activities per year.
  • 77% of small charities express the significant amount of time required for content creation (+3 weeks for videos), with 62% having only 1-3 volunteers helping with content creation.

Small charities already utilise photographs (81%) and articles (64%) for content creation to communicate their work – these are forms of content creation that are most convenient given the minimum time, cost and skill requirement. Only 45% of small charities produce video and graphics-based content despite the higher impact and storytelling potential. This is highly connected to the increased time, money and skill requirement to produce this type of content.

Editors for Impact relieves the burdens of time and financial resources required to produce high-quality video and graphics-based content, allowing small charities to dedicate these resources to what really matters – their impact. In parallel, our highly-skilled Impact Editors enable small-charity Partners to access high-skill video and graphics-based content.

Impact | Progress to Date

Estimated Beneficiaries60,000
Impact Editors37
Project Count25
Graphics Content7
Videos Produced19
Total Minutes133
The number of beneficiaries is estimated using the direct number of beneficiaries provided by our partners. The direct beneficiaries of our partners can be considered indirect beneficiaries our E4I’s work.

We aim to keep updating the progress of our ongoing research and metrics if you are interested in collaborating in research for content creation challenges in charities and measuring impact email us at contact@editorsforimpact.org

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