Meet the Founder

Joris Simaitis

Videography and editing have always been my passion projects. These projects have nurtured my creativity, and have captured my most important personal experiences, allowing me to relive the visuals and emotion. My friends have continuously bugged me to use my skills beyond my own projects. To that end, I decided to service my skills to help causes that matter and bring together other like-minded people. Editors for Impact was born.

Outside my editing, I have master’s degrees in Chemistry and Engineering for International Development from University College London, and I am pursuing a PhD in Sustainability Modelling at the University of Bath. Throughout my studies, I have engaged with multiple international organizations working in renewable energy deployment, environmental conservation, and education access, addressing global challenges on the small-scale. I aim to continue taking on global challenges through my studies and career while helping others to do so through Editors for Impact.

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