Impact Editor of the Month (October 2022)🎉

Congratulations to our editor of the month Flavio Carlini! We are so impressed by your newly edited video for Carers Worldwide!

Flavio is from Rome, a city with a long history and all kinds of stories. Therefore, it seems natural that Flavio describes himself as ‘all about storytelling’! 12 years ago, he decided to become a video editor, a career that has been helping him to tell stories. As a well-rounded individual, Flavio also tells stories through other mediums — writing, podcasting, and motion design. In his free time, Flavio enjoys traveling and doing martial arts.

Empathetic and enthusiastic, Flavio has always been involved in charities and NGOs. He joined Editors for Impact last January, after discovering that the organization’s sense of purpose coincides with that of his own — using one’s skills and talent to promote a good cause. Since then, he has been working on projects with Lasting Memories and Carers Worldwide. The last video Flavio edited for Carers Worldwide helped to tell the charity’s history about its 10 years of aiding unpaid family carers. What motivated him to work so hard on these projects are the purposes of the content and the fact that at the same time they allow him to enhance his own skills.

We are so glad that Flavio has decided to join Editors for Impact and that he has truly made a profound impact through video editing. We hope that he will always find joy in editing for a good cause!

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