Impact Editor of the Month (July 2022)🎉

Congratulations to our Editor of the Month for July 2022, Nick Smith! Nick joined Editors for Impact in December 2021. So far, Nick has demonstrated his eagerness to learn by joining our editors’ mentor scheme and has been a proactive and responsible editor when working on projects. Recently, he completed his first project for 3SG and BeOnBoard, editing a short video to promote their “In Trustees We Trust” workshops. Read on to learn more about Nick’s journey as an editor!

Nick has many different hobbies and interests. Growing up in Stockton-on-Tees in the North East of England, he developed a passion for performing arts and has performed in several musicals in the area. After a long break from performing, he will be embarking on his next musical this coming September. He has also been learning about colour psychology and theory to enhance his colour grading skills. Nick also enjoys walking around national trust sites and playing video games like “The Sims”.

Nick studied Media Technology and Production at The University of Bradford. For Nick, the most enjoyable part of his course was the videography classes, where he would be given a topic at the start of the lecture and would go out with his course mates to create a short factual piece on that topic. The challenge was to finish it by the end of the afternoon, ready to show the rest of the class. Nick loved cutting a video together from all the footage gathered.

Nick came across Editors for Impact when looking into remote media roles in 2021. He wanted to get back into working in media after he became involved in filming livestream football games for Darlington Football Club last year. Editors for Impact’s mission of helping charitable organisations with media production appealed to Nick as he wanted to contribute his media skills for a good cause. Working on the “In Trustees We Trust” video with 3SG has given him an insight into issues that people of colour face in the workplace, highlighting to him the importance of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Nick’s main skills are camera work and video editing. He enjoys the process of putting a video together from hours of raw video and watching as the story and message he wants to get across gradually come into place. However, the process of video-editing is not without challenges. Sometimes, the quality of the footage may not be ideal and Nick would have to find ways to solve the technical challenges. Being able to overcome these issues gives Nick a sense of achievement and is keeping him motivated in his continued journey as an Impact Editor.

We are so grateful to have Nick in our community of Impact Editors and cannot wait to see the work that Nick will be producing for our charity partners in the future!

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