Impact Editor of the Month (June 2022)🎉

Congratulations to Bobby Beardwell, June’s Editor of the Month! Bobby joined us a few months back in March 2022 and has already got his teeth stuck into several projects. Recently, he completed some map animations for a Ukraine war documentary that went on to raise some money for charity, which he says was a fantastic project to be a part of. Also in the pipeline, he is creating an animation video highlighting teaching and education support in Ethiopia and another animation video focusing on Ukrainian refugees and ways to support their well-being and mental health. Both projects are shaping up nicely, and Bobby is really excited to share them with the world in the near future! We hope to keep working with Bobby in the future and looking forward to seeing the results of the ongoing projects! Learn more about Bobby by reading this article.

Bobby’s main skill is video editing, closely followed by motion graphics. His journey as an editor began when he was around 13/14 years old. One day, Bobby saw his older brother play around with After Effects, and he was in awe that his brother moved a simple square from left to right with just a few clicks. He claims that it’s quite obvious that it didn’t take much to impress him when he was a kid, but that was enough to kickstart what is now a 15-year-long journey in video editing.

Bobby is originally from a town called Nuneaton in the UK. Unfortunately, it’s not the most exciting place in the world, so he moved away as soon as possible! He got a degree in Media Production from the University of Lincoln and just before the pandemic hit moved down to Luton to work in the travel industry. Bobby’s main goal in life is to one day work on Doctor Who in some way, shape or form. He says that it might be a bit nerdy, but it’s been his favourite TV show for many years, and it was one of his major motivations to get into the media industry! In his spare time, he loves to run and occasionally climb a mountain or a big hill. During the pandemic, he decided to change his lifestyle completely and do Couch To 5k, which sparked his interest in getting more active. Bobby says that when he is not sweating like crazy at great heights, he enjoys playing Airsoft (who doesn’t love running around a field while getting hit by tiny plastic balls?), binging some Netflix, or creating some cool-looking motion graphics.

Before moving to Luton, he worked for a company that was focused on creating positive change in the world. From mental health campaigns, quitting smoking campaigns, breastfeeding campaigns…the list goes on and on. Although Bobby loves his job now, he does miss the feeling of creating work that is making a real positive change in the world, which is exactly what led him to Editors for Impact.

There are two main aspects of a project that keep Bobby inspired and motivated. The first is the cause. If he knows that what he creates will make a positive impact, even if it’s just on one single person, then he knows the time and effort he puts into a project will be worth it. The second is simply Bobby’s love for creative output. He wants to create cool stuff and push his abilities to see what he can do! Bobby finds it extremely enjoyable watching an idea come to life from paper to screen. Although it always comes with its own challenges trying to translate imagination to reality, it’s a rewarding experience overcoming creative obstacles that end with a great bit of content.

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